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The Royal College of Music’s two-year postgraduate course in orchestral conducting is designed to support students as they develop their own individual conducting style. 从当代作品到大型交响乐团曲目, recording sessions to rehearsals and concerts, 在RCM,你将会参与到音乐生活的方方面面.

Conducting at the RCM

Peter Stark, 我们三位研究生指导教授之一, and student conductor Richard Miller discuss the fantastic opportunities and training available at the RCM in the video above.

For undergraduate students, a conducting module is available which introduces the challenges and rewards of conducting as part of their wider study. Conducting is also available as a second study specialism to promising undergraduates and postgraduates. Second study students can enjoy a mixture of individual and class lessons focusing on the skills and knowledge necessary to develop in this field.

One-to-one lessons

一对一课程是每个RCM学生学习经验的核心. 我们的每一位指导教授都带来了不同但兼容的教学方法, 利用他们在各自领域的丰富经验.

Meet the professors

Postgraduate conducting

A detailed programme of technical and repertoire study supported by the three conducting professors and regular guest masterclasses complements a wealth of high quality podium time, 包括完整管弦乐队的公开演出, 为来访的国际指挥家进行管弦乐队和乐团的准备工作, individual projects, 以及与作曲学院的定期合作.

指挥家在RCM有机会发展广泛的技能, 全面了解艺术, psychological, 作为一名管弦乐指挥的职业生涯所涉及的实际和商业问题.

作为一名RCM的指挥,专业的参与将是您经验的关键组成部分. 行业专业人士定期与我们的学生见面, 提供有价值的见解和职业建议. One recent visitor was Paul Hughes, BBC交响乐团的总经理, who shared his thoughts on programme planning, 从艺术和经济的角度来看. In addition, visiting conductors of the highest calibre often work with RCM conducting students on preparing performances of key repertoire.

Postgraduate student Asier Puga conducting during a public performance in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall

Recent visiting artists

学生们经常有机会向英国指挥家马丁·布拉宾斯学习, our Visiting Professor of Conducting. 已故的伯纳德·海廷克也经常访问我们. Other recent visitors have included:

  • Vladimir Ashkenazy
  • Vladimir Jurowski
  • Holly Mathieson
  • Sir Roger Norrington
  • Sir Antonio Pappano
  • Rafael Payare
  • Vassily Petrenko
  • Jac van Steen
  • John Wilson
  • Thomas Zehetmair

Performance opportunities

初学指挥的学生定期与我们的室内乐团排练和表演, including the RCM Philharmonic, RCM Symphony Orchestra, and various new music ensembles. They often premiere new works by RCM composers working with the RCM New Perspectives ensemble or as part of our cutting-edge From the Soundhouse series.

All of these public conducting opportunities are an integral part of the RCM’s annual programme of events. In addition, 我们的学生曾在校外指挥RCM乐队, including London’s Royal Festival Hall.

最近由学生主导的项目包括一个指挥家的讲台,其中包括Milhaud的音乐, Elgar and Korngold, 还有一个与我们合唱团合作的法国巴洛克项目 & Opera and Historical Performance faculties.


指挥学生会接触到大量的曲目, covering a broad range of styles, 并强烈鼓励探索和安排不同类型的作曲家. 除了正在进行的作曲和为屏幕学生作曲的合作, 一个典型的学生最近一个学期的剧目价值的例子可能是:

  • Beethoven Symphony no 6
  • Boulanger D’un matin de printemps
  • Brahms Symphony no 1
  • Coleridge-Taylor Overture to Hiawatha
  • Debussy Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune
  • Mozart Cosi fan Tutte (complete)
  • Ravel Daphnis and Chloe Suite No.2
  • Schumann Symphony no 4
  • Shostakovich Symphony no 10
  • Stravinsky Rite of Spring
  • Tchaikovsky Symphony No.4
  • Wagner Overture to Der Fleigender Holländer
  • Walker Lyric for Strings

Graduate successes


  • Andrew Gourlay 担任卡斯蒂利亚交响乐团首席客座指挥Léon.
  • Rui Pinheiro 担任葡萄牙古典管弦乐队do Sui的首席指挥.
  • Graham Ross as Director of Music and Fellow of Clare College Cambridge and co-founder and Principal Conductor of The Dmitri Ensemble.
  • John Wilson 约翰·威尔逊管弦乐团的创始人和总监.

Celebrated alumni

  • Sir Colin Davis
  • Sir Charles Groves
  • Simon Halsey
  • Sir Neville Marriner
  • Sir Roger Norrington
  • Leopold Stokowski
  • John Wilson

Career development

The RCM’s Creative Careers Centre, which is recognised internationally for its innovative approach to supporting young musicians, 为当前的学生和最近的校友提供无与伦比的服务. 敬业的团队与领先的顾问合作, 声誉良好的艺术组织和当地社区, 提供独特的职业发展机会,并直接进入音乐行业.

The work of the Creative Careers Centre allows students to discover their professional identity, gain hands-on experience and new skills, 培养一种企业家的心态,建立一个令人满意的职业组合.

提供广泛的表演和教学机会, 以及撰写简历和传记的宝贵指导, concert programming, communication skills, project management, marketing and publicity, online promotion, 财务问题和如何发展一个商业想法.

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We continually invest in our facilities to ensure RCM students have the very best opportunities. Our impressive performance spaces are matched by top-quality academic and technical provisions, 比如我们的历史图书馆和专业级工作室. The Royal College of Music is proud to offer some of the finest facilities anywhere in the world.

The RCM has three major performance spaces. The Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall which has an illustrious history and is the primary performance venue for RCM orchestras and large ensembles. Our 400-seat Britten Theatre boasts excellent technical facilities for the RCM’s thriving International Opera School. The Performance Hall offers an alternative space for ensemble performances and orchestral rehearsals. It boasts a retractable stage, a Fazioli grand piano, 综合技术基础设施和可变声学, 为学院举办的各种活动提供了多样性.   

In addition, more intimate spaces for solo and chamber performance include the Performance Studio and The Parry Rooms, 那里有无与伦比的皇家阿尔伯特音乐厅的景色, and our 100-seat Recital Hall. 

还有练习室和一对一和小组教学的空间, RCM有专门的歌剧排练空间, 一些隔音的Amadeus音乐荚和管风琴室. We have over 160 pianos, 包括60架三角钢琴和20个早期键盘, 还有最近开放的Blüthner Practice Suite,里面有十架Blüthner钢琴, 有竖琴和低音提琴专用设施的乐器储藏室, plus in-house instrument workshops.

RCM Studios is a commercial-grade facility, equipped with professional audio, video and composition technologies, supporting the RCM’s recording needs and enabling live broadcast of performances around the world.

The RCM Library contains more than 400,000 scores, 借阅的书籍和录音, plus access to more than 400 music journals. 该图书馆还订阅了许多在线资源,包括牛津在线音乐, Naxos Music Library, JSTOR, 遇见在线和柏林爱乐数字音乐厅. In addition, the RCM also boasts an internationally renowned collection of original manuscripts (including examples from Mozart and Elgar) early printed editions and archives. Our musicians also have access to thousands of scores online through our partnership with nkoda, and Henle digital sheet music.

The RCM Museum holds more than 15,000 instruments, portraits, 从15世纪晚期到今天的图像和雕刻, 其中一些是已知的最早的同类例子. 这些物品让我们得以深入了解过去, present and future of music and provide a coherent and comprehensive resource for the documentation, research and representation of the history of musical performance and instrument-making in London, 特别是在18到20世纪之间. 收藏项目经常出现在学术和流行出版物上, television and radio programmes and as loans to major international exhibitions in Europe and beyond.

As part of a £3.600万国家彩票遗产资助项目, the Museum collection has been greatly enhanced and revitalised in a suite of purpose-built spaces that include accessible permanent display and temporary exhibition galleries, a ‘hands-on’ discovery area, 一个气候可控的表演空间和一个专门的研究设施.

Contact the Conducting Faculty

If you have any general queries about conducting at the RCM please contact the Conducting Faculty Administration team. 如果你对试镜或录取过程有任何疑问, please contact our Admissions team.

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